Columbia Woke

Ingress Ignite the singularity of ARARITA-ALL IS ONE! Heaven expands to birth the waters and life of Gaia. Logic, reason, science, and critical thought anchor the winds of change. She is Mother ever evolving. Consuming the catalyst, a mere enzyme, called Trump. Strengenthened and honed the Spirit of Colombia and her children of the land […]

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Myrddin Mala: the Dreamer Sings

Prayer beads have been used across time and culture to be a tool for Body, Spirit and Mind.   Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism utilize a string of 108 beads to keep pace the mantras of the heart manifesting its deepest desires.  As a mathematician, the unit of 108 itself holds immense beauty and reflection.  This […]

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NO FEAR-Imagery

Tibetan Buddhism uses the technique of Tonglin breath to transform suffering. Its process may involve various depths of realization in which one breathes in suffering, and exhales joy. With use of this technique, one may condense the suffering or issue of the moment, and rarefying it via unity. And thus, once transformed may be enflamed […]

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NO FEAR-Qabalah

Begin the embodying of the sigil by intoning the God name for Kether in a white sphere above your head (Eheieh). Turn your awareness to your right foot and vibrate Yah for Chokmah. Turn your awareness to your left hand and allow the sphere there to become enflamed with the God name for Tipheret YHVH […]

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