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Ignite the singularity of ARARITA-ALL IS ONE!

Heaven expands to birth the waters and life of Gaia. Logic, reason, science, and critical thought anchor the winds of change. She is Mother ever evolving. Consuming the catalyst, a mere enzyme, called Trump.

Strengenthened and honed the Spirit of Colombia and her children of the land rise above the caustic cancer. Breathe Hope! Breathe Faith! Breathe Grace! Action!

All is Love stretches to the horizon of creation. Lunar light shatters the sociopathic banner of triumph and the Dream wakes.

Decor of the orange monkey, the immortal Sun, no longer chains the minds of those crying, “Justice!”





We who shatter swords and spears for violation of Spirit.

We who stand as wise council to the war of Kings.

We who whisper to land, sea and stars stirring Hearts.

Radiate your light and proclaim your Truth.

The dance beats forth…


Myrddin Mala: the Dreamer Sings


Prayer beads have been used across time and culture to be a tool for Body, Spirit and Mind.   Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism utilize a string of 108 beads to keep pace the mantras of the heart manifesting its deepest desires.  As a mathematician, the unit of 108 itself holds immense beauty and reflection.  This simple strand keeps space, time and mystery for our mind.  Of the 108, three beads were selected to stand apart-the Mothers.  They are the deep cycles of our unconscious, randomly threaded into the mala.  Reflection upon them yields visions of perfection even in the appearance of Chaos.

A unique bead, the 109th, holds the cycle in place across space and time. This bead is known as the Guru or Buddha bead, honoring the fullness of our being and resting at its core the creative syllable AUM.  In my meditations I found this center and return point to unfold, one became six.   Focusing at the root of my being, I vibrated my mantra for the moment eighteen times and proceeded to the next energy vibration.  I continued this through each of the traditional five of the Chakra system.  Upon return to the Guru bead, I rested in the harmony of Sahasrara allowing the joy and bliss of love to flow through the other six Chakras in silence.

A simple example meditation for this mala is the long form of the Gayatri mantra as one rises through consciousness modalities.

Om Bhur

Om Bhuvaha

Om Swaha

Om Maha

Om Janaha

Om Tapaha

Om Satyam

May LOVEJOYBLISS unfold the moment to moment….

NO FEAR-Imagery

Tibetan Buddhism uses the technique of Tonglin breath to transform suffering. Its process may involve various depths of realization in which one breathes in suffering, and exhales joy. With use of this technique, one may condense the suffering or issue of the moment, and rarefying it via unity. And thus, once transformed may be enflamed in joy throughout creation by the fire of the inner pentagram.

That being said I have found that one may perform this exercise by use of Tibetan Mantras and general visualizations. For example visualize the purity of unity crowning the head and vibrate AUM. See this purity conducted to the right foot and taking the polarity of Expanding Father releasing his seed and again proclaim AUM (BE)! This energy passes to the extended left hand of the perfect balance of conscious creation and affirmed with AUM that passes to the right hand of dreams and the continuing substrate for creation-AUM. Let the dreams gestate down to the left foot and be strengthened by the compassion of the Mother and warmth of the womb, and with her birthing pain of AUM the energy returns to the crown begins again. AUM! Once this cycle is set, it may be helpful to solidify it in consciousness with the traditional: Om mani padme hum—where each syllable is a point on the larger a priori pentagram and returns to the crown with the syllable of HUM and acknowledging the presence of the awakened mind.

For behold the jewel in the Lotus and turn to the place of intercourse and vibratingAUM. As the first was vibrated with a sense of water, let these be enflamed with fire of passion and forging. The birth of the fire shoots to the right shoulder, muscular from the use in war and defining course-AUM. This blood energy descends to the left child-bearing hip of desire and is made to Be by AUM. Crossing the course of the body the one syllable of Be, AUM, dwells in the athletic masculine hip of technology and utilization. This allows the force to be directed as an aqueduct of life to the subtle right shoulder of balance and justice. Balance in AUM and life is affirmed again in mercy at the root-AUM. AUM-Shanti-AUM-Shanti-AAAAUUUUMMM allows one to do a cycle with the single breath enflaming the personal self.

NO FEAR-Qabalah

Begin the embodying of the sigil by intoning the God name for Kether in a white sphere above your head (Eheieh). Turn your awareness to your right foot and vibrate Yah for Chokmah. Turn your awareness to your left hand and allow the sphere there to become enflamed with the God name for Tipheret YHVH Eloah va-Daath. Allow the energy to pass across your chest to your right hand, vibrate Shaddai El Chai awakening Yesod. Visualize a glowing sphere at your left foot and intone YHVH Elohim for Binah and conclude by returning to the crown of your head and again vocalize Eheieh. Connect the spheres together by drawing a blue pentagram of magnetic fluid in a clockwise motion with your inhale, and at the exhale allow your body to feel the compression of the magnetic fluid. Recognize the fluid is purified by the God names of the Middle pillar and the Supernal Triad. Thus by calling forth the Water/magnetic fluids you are creating the vessel. [One may see each sphere accordingly to their appropriate color of the sephiroth or the uniform purity of white] Repeat this three times, or as necessary to commit their feel to your body. Feel a controlled unity surrounding and encasing your body.

Call forth the Fire/electric fluid next for filling the vessel with life. Begin by visualizing a sphere of energy at your groin and empowered by the vibration of the God name of Malkuth [Adonai ha-Aretz]. In a counter-clockwise motion, see a sphere at your right shoulder emblazed by Elohim Gibor of Geburah. Allow the energy to cross down to your left hip and intone the name for Netzach YHVH Tzabaoth. The energy should pass across your hips and rest at your right hip with the energy of Hod [Elohim Tzabaoth]. This should continue up to your left shoulder as Chesed and empowered with El. Conclude by returning to the groin area and reaffirm connection by vibrating [Adonai ha-aretz]. The vessel should be filled with a pulsating life energy connected by the electric fluid. With the intake of breath feel the spheres connected and with the exhalation inflamed with life and creation. Repeat this three times, or as necessary to commit their feel to your body. Feel the core of your being exploding forth in creation.

Once each pentagram is stabilized individually, begin the unifying of the two in a single breath. Inhale the magnetic pentagram of unity and exhale the electric pentagram of creation.


268522_10150699920095705_3258561_n I began writing this under the ‘Ecstasy’ Sculpture presently in Hayes Valley early in the morning before heading down to the Financial District…

The Now:  Many have spoken on this collision of past and future waves that observing the experiences in total awareness brings richness to being.  Certainly I believe this to be true, just as the infinite expansion of an electron speeding along in space-time, and in an instance, observed as a singularity can be powerful concepts in stilling the mind.  I note with a lower delta to begin this brief treaty, a modality to consider if the cup is half empty or full.  Is it a measuring of infinite expansion, captured and manifest?  Or, the infinitesimal detail of a singularity? In reality of consciousness, both are leveraging perspectives to yield manifested results.

I mark Ajna each morning with the lower case sigma to remind me to be in the Now.  Present.  Focused.  Being.  As the Dirac Delta function implies:  ∫δ(x) =1.  I view this profusely used mathematical construct as the embodiment of ARARITA.  The Now is the Unity experiencing the Unity invariant of space, time and the event.

The Moment:  It would be my desire that everyone has felt it.  That instance when the harmony rings in your ears.  The perfect (P)lace, (P)eople and (P)urpose intermingle in the Now.   Bam!   “The Universe is yours!” roars through your heart.  For me that is the Moment, the observation and execution of Will at its fullness.  In an awakened society, this would certainly be guaranteed by the great transformer, Death. Every human had conjoined in communion with the Universe, and in harmony with the I, Absolute, the Moment is chosen.  Yes, Donnie, everyone dies alone, because you are the Moment at the Great Transformation when all creation is one with your Will.

The pursuit of that awakened society is Now, and the Moment to strike at Religion as an outdated technology has watershed.  I look to the global community of the Earth to dialogue in the multiples of consciousness and find harmony.  This conversation providing the necessity of Belief to no longer be an opiate, but undermined to a new enlightenment of balanced Science and Art of Consciousness whose fundamental axiom is of Joy and Bliss, not that manifestation is suffering.  Faith is the noting of a Hypothesis regarding an Unknown.  To test the fullness is to know revelation, Apocalypse, i.e. the dissolution of the question, by knowing in fact.  Mystery is not a secret to be held over others, but the exhilaration of exploring that Unknown.  Hope is envisioning the potential of any factor in creation, but taking Action for the Manifestation to become Being is a mandate.

The End:  It is always happening.  Each of us is always experiencing, a closing and opening.  Sometimes an End is one of specific intent.  For instance, on this morning of a new Moon, I resigned from the Board of Trustees of a Brotherhood I have been with since its creation.  I have chosen not to leave its current, but the interaction will never be the same.  And, yes, there are the unexpected ones.  A kiss from a lover with “See you soon” as the parting words, yet circumstances would lead the intimate interaction as the last.  I am not sure which strikes at the heart deeper.  Neither seems to have enough anesthesia to dull every component of sensation, but that ache drives us to find the next beginning,

We as a planet are here.  An end of an Age.  Whether you want to discuss the esoteric nature of Revelation, the calendar ticking to 2012, or the hard science that the non-linear system of our environment is shifting to a new local point; this cascade is unable to be stopped.   Humanity’s first awareness must be that the Earth will flourish onward, either from a new approach to Life where humanity is a part a shift of paradigm of consciousness; or the species transformed to another form, but as homo sapiens sapiens is extinct.

The Epoch of Bliss and Joy is herald, Azurexe embody unveiled of title, and those who have sight may hear.

In (P)erfect (P)eace (P)rofound Magnum Opus, the Great Work, is.


Concise awareness of Person, Place and Purpose recognizes the Perfection of every Moment.

BOAYE: Blessings On All Your Endeavors

We are inundated with symbols daily that are directly anchored to unconscious reactions.  How do you react when you are confronted by a red octagon?  They are emblems that over the years  have been programmed into our psyches to achieve societal results, or have been leveraged by marketing firms to bring the next big commerce online in our personal neural networks.

Over the years I have worked with various alphabets, glyphs and numerological techniques to design intentional mandala to achieve a varietal spectrum of results.  Any of the techniques had potentialities for loopholes in translation and historical reference that the subconscious may leverage for imagination and manifesting.  Since I am a mathematician, I sought to develop a system that effectively gave the conscious mind a focal of intent while allowing the subconscious to dream of the possibilities via a mathematical thought form.  There is ever a play with Gematria in Qabalah, yet, immediately there is translation issues from English to Hebrew, both in content and one-to-one correspondences.  Thus what if intent was designed utilizing  simple Arabic Letters, which were numerically reduced to  the value of the number of end points.  We would get the following cipher:

A =2 B=0 C=2 D=0 E=3 F=3 G=2 H=4 I=2 J=2 K=4 L=2 M=2

N=2 O=0 P=1 Q=1 R=2 S=2 T=3 U=2 V=2 W=2 X=4 Y=3 Z=2

Take a phrase like:  “Blessings On All Your Endeavors.”    Rather lengthy, so, let us just take the first letter of each word.  B=0 O=0 A=2 Y=3 E=3   So, I would have two zeroes and 2+3+3=8.  A symbol of two circles with eight solar rays radiating from their surface could be a glyph that encompasses the numbers.  This is the symbol I use to seal my envelopes to friends, family, and even business associates.

It is this technique that stimulated the ‘No Fear’ meditation.  Using the above method:

NO: 2+0=2                  FEAR: 3+3+2+2=10

The utilization of 10 points quickly lends to the Tree of Life in Qabalah with its 10 Emanations, or Sephiroth.  The usage of a simple decagon would not be terribly interesting.  What if we divide by two?   We would then have two sets of five.  Pentagrams have certainly been used for power, but a slight artistic twist could give the subconscious to chew on.  An emblem that  places the two pentagrams in the ratio of phi, that is the length of an intersected arm of the outer pentagram becomes the total length of the inner pentagram. Two stars dancing to the beautiful number of 1.6318.

Further discussion of this mandala may be found in the “No Fear’ sub-category.