Columbia Woke


Ignite the singularity of ARARITA-ALL IS ONE!

Heaven expands to birth the waters and life of Gaia. Logic, reason, science, and critical thought anchor the winds of change. She is Mother ever evolving. Consuming the catalyst, a mere enzyme, called Trump.

Strengenthened and honed the Spirit of Colombia and her children of the land rise above the caustic cancer. Breathe Hope! Breathe Faith! Breathe Grace! Action!

All is Love stretches to the horizon of creation. Lunar light shatters the sociopathic banner of triumph and the Dream wakes.

Decor of the orange monkey, the immortal Sun, no longer chains the minds of those crying, “Justice!”





We who shatter swords and spears for violation of Spirit.

We who stand as wise council to the war of Kings.

We who whisper to land, sea and stars stirring Hearts.

Radiate your light and proclaim your Truth.

The dance beats forth…


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