NO FEAR-Qabalah

Begin the embodying of the sigil by intoning the God name for Kether in a white sphere above your head (Eheieh). Turn your awareness to your right foot and vibrate Yah for Chokmah. Turn your awareness to your left hand and allow the sphere there to become enflamed with the God name for Tipheret YHVH Eloah va-Daath. Allow the energy to pass across your chest to your right hand, vibrate Shaddai El Chai awakening Yesod. Visualize a glowing sphere at your left foot and intone YHVH Elohim for Binah and conclude by returning to the crown of your head and again vocalize Eheieh. Connect the spheres together by drawing a blue pentagram of magnetic fluid in a clockwise motion with your inhale, and at the exhale allow your body to feel the compression of the magnetic fluid. Recognize the fluid is purified by the God names of the Middle pillar and the Supernal Triad. Thus by calling forth the Water/magnetic fluids you are creating the vessel. [One may see each sphere accordingly to their appropriate color of the sephiroth or the uniform purity of white] Repeat this three times, or as necessary to commit their feel to your body. Feel a controlled unity surrounding and encasing your body.

Call forth the Fire/electric fluid next for filling the vessel with life. Begin by visualizing a sphere of energy at your groin and empowered by the vibration of the God name of Malkuth [Adonai ha-Aretz]. In a counter-clockwise motion, see a sphere at your right shoulder emblazed by Elohim Gibor of Geburah. Allow the energy to cross down to your left hip and intone the name for Netzach YHVH Tzabaoth. The energy should pass across your hips and rest at your right hip with the energy of Hod [Elohim Tzabaoth]. This should continue up to your left shoulder as Chesed and empowered with El. Conclude by returning to the groin area and reaffirm connection by vibrating [Adonai ha-aretz]. The vessel should be filled with a pulsating life energy connected by the electric fluid. With the intake of breath feel the spheres connected and with the exhalation inflamed with life and creation. Repeat this three times, or as necessary to commit their feel to your body. Feel the core of your being exploding forth in creation.

Once each pentagram is stabilized individually, begin the unifying of the two in a single breath. Inhale the magnetic pentagram of unity and exhale the electric pentagram of creation.


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