NO FEAR-Imagery

Tibetan Buddhism uses the technique of Tonglin breath to transform suffering. Its process may involve various depths of realization in which one breathes in suffering, and exhales joy. With use of this technique, one may condense the suffering or issue of the moment, and rarefying it via unity. And thus, once transformed may be enflamedContinue reading “NO FEAR-Imagery”

BOAYE: Blessings On All Your Endeavors

We are inundated with symbols daily that are directly anchored to unconscious reactions.  How do you react when you are confronted by a red octagon?  They are emblems that over the years  have been programmed into our psyches to achieve societal results, or have been leveraged by marketing firms to bring the next big commerceContinue reading “BOAYE: Blessings On All Your Endeavors”