NO FEAR-Imagery

Tibetan Buddhism uses the technique of Tonglin breath to transform suffering. Its process may involve various depths of realization in which one breathes in suffering, and exhales joy. With use of this technique, one may condense the suffering or issue of the moment, and rarefying it via unity. And thus, once transformed may be enflamed in joy throughout creation by the fire of the inner pentagram.

That being said I have found that one may perform this exercise by use of Tibetan Mantras and general visualizations. For example visualize the purity of unity crowning the head and vibrate AUM. See this purity conducted to the right foot and taking the polarity of Expanding Father releasing his seed and again proclaim AUM (BE)! This energy passes to the extended left hand of the perfect balance of conscious creation and affirmed with AUM that passes to the right hand of dreams and the continuing substrate for creation-AUM. Let the dreams gestate down to the left foot and be strengthened by the compassion of the Mother and warmth of the womb, and with her birthing pain of AUM the energy returns to the crown begins again. AUM! Once this cycle is set, it may be helpful to solidify it in consciousness with the traditional: Om mani padme hum—where each syllable is a point on the larger a priori pentagram and returns to the crown with the syllable of HUM and acknowledging the presence of the awakened mind.

For behold the jewel in the Lotus and turn to the place of intercourse and vibratingAUM. As the first was vibrated with a sense of water, let these be enflamed with fire of passion and forging. The birth of the fire shoots to the right shoulder, muscular from the use in war and defining course-AUM. This blood energy descends to the left child-bearing hip of desire and is made to Be by AUM. Crossing the course of the body the one syllable of Be, AUM, dwells in the athletic masculine hip of technology and utilization. This allows the force to be directed as an aqueduct of life to the subtle right shoulder of balance and justice. Balance in AUM and life is affirmed again in mercy at the root-AUM. AUM-Shanti-AUM-Shanti-AAAAUUUUMMM allows one to do a cycle with the single breath enflaming the personal self.


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