Myrddin Mala: the Dreamer Sings


Prayer beads have been used across time and culture to be a tool for Body, Spirit and Mind.   Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism utilize a string of 108 beads to keep pace the mantras of the heart manifesting its deepest desires.  As a mathematician, the unit of 108 itself holds immense beauty and reflection.  This simple strand keeps space, time and mystery for our mind.  Of the 108, three beads were selected to stand apart-the Mothers.  They are the deep cycles of our unconscious, randomly threaded into the mala.  Reflection upon them yields visions of perfection even in the appearance of Chaos.

A unique bead, the 109th, holds the cycle in place across space and time. This bead is known as the Guru or Buddha bead, honoring the fullness of our being and resting at its core the creative syllable AUM.  In my meditations I found this center and return point to unfold, one became six.   Focusing at the root of my being, I vibrated my mantra for the moment eighteen times and proceeded to the next energy vibration.  I continued this through each of the traditional five of the Chakra system.  Upon return to the Guru bead, I rested in the harmony of Sahasrara allowing the joy and bliss of love to flow through the other six Chakras in silence.

A simple example meditation for this mala is the long form of the Gayatri mantra as one rises through consciousness modalities.

Om Bhur

Om Bhuvaha

Om Swaha

Om Maha

Om Janaha

Om Tapaha

Om Satyam

May LOVEJOYBLISS unfold the moment to moment….


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