BOAYE: Blessings On All Your Endeavors

We are inundated with symbols daily that are directly anchored to unconscious reactions.  How do you react when you are confronted by a red octagon?  They are emblems that over the years  have been programmed into our psyches to achieve societal results, or have been leveraged by marketing firms to bring the next big commerce online in our personal neural networks.

Over the years I have worked with various alphabets, glyphs and numerological techniques to design intentional mandala to achieve a varietal spectrum of results.  Any of the techniques had potentialities for loopholes in translation and historical reference that the subconscious may leverage for imagination and manifesting.  Since I am a mathematician, I sought to develop a system that effectively gave the conscious mind a focal of intent while allowing the subconscious to dream of the possibilities via a mathematical thought form.  There is ever a play with Gematria in Qabalah, yet, immediately there is translation issues from English to Hebrew, both in content and one-to-one correspondences.  Thus what if intent was designed utilizing  simple Arabic Letters, which were numerically reduced to  the value of the number of end points.  We would get the following cipher:

A =2 B=0 C=2 D=0 E=3 F=3 G=2 H=4 I=2 J=2 K=4 L=2 M=2

N=2 O=0 P=1 Q=1 R=2 S=2 T=3 U=2 V=2 W=2 X=4 Y=3 Z=2

Take a phrase like:  “Blessings On All Your Endeavors.”    Rather lengthy, so, let us just take the first letter of each word.  B=0 O=0 A=2 Y=3 E=3   So, I would have two zeroes and 2+3+3=8.  A symbol of two circles with eight solar rays radiating from their surface could be a glyph that encompasses the numbers.  This is the symbol I use to seal my envelopes to friends, family, and even business associates.

It is this technique that stimulated the ‘No Fear’ meditation.  Using the above method:

NO: 2+0=2                  FEAR: 3+3+2+2=10

The utilization of 10 points quickly lends to the Tree of Life in Qabalah with its 10 Emanations, or Sephiroth.  The usage of a simple decagon would not be terribly interesting.  What if we divide by two?   We would then have two sets of five.  Pentagrams have certainly been used for power, but a slight artistic twist could give the subconscious to chew on.  An emblem that  places the two pentagrams in the ratio of phi, that is the length of an intersected arm of the outer pentagram becomes the total length of the inner pentagram. Two stars dancing to the beautiful number of 1.6318.

Further discussion of this mandala may be found in the “No Fear’ sub-category.


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